Why to Particapate in 
Today’s bride is ready for you to come out from behind Facebook and email and to meet her face-to-face.
She wants to meet the people who are going to create her wedding. 
Exhibiting at a bridal show is the best and most effective way to do that. 
Even if you are just there to help her find ideas and give her information, it is an opportunity for you to get your
name –and personality –in front of her. 
 Bridal Expo’s allow you and your entire bridal party to sample wedding cake, hear music, meet photographers, talk to wedding vendors face-to-face, sit in a limo, and gain hundreds of wedding ideas and tips.
Plus, see the best bridal fashion show in the Southern California for new fashions & for your wedding clothes.
There is so much to see and do at our bridal shows 
& best part is it’s free to attend, which includes fashion show.